Femi Kuti Reveals He Refused To Join APC Despite Plea From VP Yemi Osibanjo

Music legend Femi Kuti has revealed that he rejected an offer from Vice President Yemi Osibanjo to become a member of the Nation’s ruling party, All Progressive Party (APC).

Femi made this known via his social media handles on Twitter and Instagram on September 4, 2020 where he declared that he was not affiliated to any political party in the country.

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“I want to state for clarity and posterity my role in the Ojota protest. I was invited for what I and many believed was a genuine cause regarding the cost of fuel. As soon as I found out it was politically motivated I pulled out,” he wrote.

“I got a lot of backlash at the time but stood my ground. For the record I have NEVER and will NEVER affiliate with any political party that I don’t feel has the genuine interest of the people of Nigeria at heart. Even when the VP approached me to join APC, I blatantly refused as I also refused to join PDP or any other political party.”

The singer’s post might be as a result of the clamour by many on social media for celebrities to lead a protest against the government over the recent harsh economic decisions.


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