Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate made a move towards accountability of his 2023 political campaign.

Peter Obi and Aisha Yesufu
Peter Obi and Aisha Yesufu

“Yesterday, we commenced the public accounting process for Obi-Datti Campaign Funds for the 2023 general election.


We are starting with the crowdfunding, which was where we asked the general citizens to contribute to our endeavour.

This process was managed by a Team led by


We will go from that to other processes, ensuring that we account to those who supported us either in cash or in kind.

Proper Use Of Contributions

This is to assure them that their contributions were properly used for the purpose which it was sought for and they graciously, and in some cases, immeasurably supported us.


We will also be directing various support groups and bodies that worked for our collective goal of birthing a New Nigeria to do the same by accounting to those who donated to them.

In addition, as I said immediately after the Supreme Court judgement, that this year 2024, beginning from the end of first quarter, we are going to embark on a “Thank You” tour to the various places we have been to, in order to physically appreciate our supporters.

We will also show our donors the very visible success we achieved by the judicious management of their resources despite having less than 20 percent of our budget to work with.

The generous support of our donors and their unwavering dedication and commitment to the democratic process, which we are committed to, have not gone unnoticed.


Despite the challenges and obstacles that came our way, they stood strong and played a crucial role in shaping the future of our nation.

Significant Impact 

We assure them that their sincere efforts have made a significant impact on our journey.


Undeniably, the political landscape of our nation will never be the same again.
Our dream of a new nation is now the overwhelming wish of the majority of our compatriots. That dream cannot die.

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Peter Obi also made it known that, the support of his followers has not only propelled this team forward but has also given hope to countless others who remain committed to the journey of a New Nigeria which remains possible.

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