A hungry man they say is an angry man, so the inability of Nigerians to access food due to an increase in price can stir up anger in them.

As we all know, food is important for survival and the Nigerian government says it will stop at nothing to make food affordable.


Federal Government Committed To Achieving Food Security

In a bid to assuage Nigerians, the federal government reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring food security.


Addressing the National Veterinary Medical Association of Nigeria (NVMA) in Lagos State, the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security, Aliyu Abdullahi, made this statement.

According to the Minister, boosting livestock production has become very necessary in Nigeria.


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This is because the sub-sector accounts for about 10% of the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 25% of agricultural GDP.

Also, the sub-sector is responsible for feeding over 30% of the Nigerian rural population.

According to him, to meet the increasing gap in the availability, affordability, and safety of food of animal origin and animal products, Nigerians must become efficient and strategic in animal disease prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment.


Furthermore, Abdullahi highlighted that to address challenges affecting food and nutrition security in the country, stakeholders must work together.

Challenges Of Livestock Rearers

He noted that the meeting was apt in light of the current challenges facing the country and the globe at large.


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The Minister stated that an upsurge in outbreaks of transboundary animal diseases, emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, was affecting the livelihoods of people.

Also, natural disasters, insecurity, and unfortunate perennial farmers-herders clashes are factors posing threats to global peace and food and nutritional security.

“All these informed President Bola Tinubu’s decision to prioritise food security, economic growth, and poverty eradication, in his Renewed Hope Agenda.”


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