In view of how committed most Nigerians are to the revival of the economy, a timely piece of advice is coming to all Nigerians.

You see, there is no way one hand alone can wash itself clean, neither can one hand lift a heavy load and place it on the head.


As beautiful as the efforts of the government is towards lifting the nation out economic bruhaha, it will be too hard to achieve if the people hold a divagent view.


Also, it will make sense to have the government partner with some private organisations to achieve this desired goal of a viable economy.

The National President of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Dele Oye, has emphasised on the need for collaboration.


Oye said increased collaboration between the private and public sectors would propel economic growth and development across Nigeria.

He lauded the Federal Government’s decision to relaunch the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC).

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His commendation came during the relaunch event at the Bank of Industry conference room in Abuja.


In his address, Oye underscored the significance of partnership in leveraging national assets for the collective benefit of Nigeria.

“NTFC is pivotal in establishing an efficient trade environment conducive to economic diversification, industrialization, and job creation,” he stated.


Oye hailed the integration of the Trade Facilitation and Liberalisation Sub-Committee of the Presidential Council on Industrial Revitalisation with the NTFC as a strategic move.

Such integration shows commitment to blend efforts and streamline operations in alignment with the goals of the Renewed Hope Agenda.

Trade Facilitation Will Improve Ease Of Doing Business

Oye stressed the need for reforms to enhance Nigeria’s trade protocols, reduce barriers, and improve the ease of doing business.

Also, he emphasised that these efforts would attract more foreign direct investment and bolster the country’s export potential, ultimately leading to a nexus of opportunities for employment and wealth creation.

Furthermore, Oye underscored the role of Chambers of Commerce across Nigeria as pivotal players in the journey towards economic transformation.

He highlighted their function as platforms for articulating policy recommendations, sharing best practices, and fostering partnerships that transcend national borders.

Moreover, Oye reiterated the necessity of collaboration between the government and the private sector, emphasising that it enables the optimization of resources for national development.

PPP Is Critical For Economic Growth

He stated the unique contributions of each sector, with the public sector providing regulatory frameworks and policy direction.

“In contrast, the private sector brings innovation, efficiency, and execution capability,” he added.

He called upon all stakeholders to view the relaunch of the NTFC as more than a symbolic gesture.

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He urged them to perceive it as reaffirming their collective commitment to progress and prosperity.

Oye expressed NACCIMA’s unwavering support for the NTFC’s renewed vigour and strategic focus, pledging the organization’s full engagement and collaboration in realizing the transformative journey ahead.

Meanwhile, NACCIMA has voiced concerns over the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) clearing Nigeria’s forex backlog, highlighting challenges member companies face in accessing foreign exchange.


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