Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham graced the movie premier of “She Must Be Obeyed” by her colleague, Funke Akindele in a red turtleneck corset dress.

Corset Toyin Abraham


However, she got eyebrows raised as discomfort was written all over her and it appeared like she couldn’t breathe well in the dress.

On her Instagram page where she shared the pictures, her husband praised her and she responded with, “My husband, I can’t breathe well.”


A Corset dress is one that is designed to give women the hour-glass body shape.

This body shape is achieved by snatching the stomach down to the upper waist region so tight in the dress such that a figure eight body is automatically produced.


Majority of the women who wear this dress are plus-sized women, women with big stomach, and so on who want to look elegant at occasions and events.

However, corset dresses poses a threat to fashion if not checked as it is almost impossible to eat or sit in a relaxed position while wearing it.

Toyin Abraham is not the first woman to wear it and cry out in discomfort which doesn’t appear healthy.

She tagged the photos she shared on her Instagram page, “you guys said fashion is pain! Corset wants to kill me.”


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Netizens rushed to her comment section to attack the designer of her dress saying they were “wicked for taking her breath away”


Others are of the opinion that corset dresses are overhyped and should be “dumped as it is not a do or die affair but mostly a wardrobe malfunction.”

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