As bad as we said the economy was last year, people still trooped out to the cinemas to watch movies.

This was at a time when the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN was getting ready to force a cashless policy on Nigerians.

Yet, a whopping sum of ₦‎166 million was spent at the cinemas.

Christmas: Nigerians Spent Over ₦‎166m At Cinemas Watching Movies 
Nigerians at the cinema

The Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) will be looking forward to a great outing this Christmas, having recorded a huge turnover during the Christmas season of 2022.

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Nigerians we know are very jolly people who just want to work, make money, and spend it however they see fit.

Whether it is on alcohol or partying, Nigerians love to have a nice time, especially during Christmas.

CEAN Weekly Box Office

So, it is not surprising that despite the harsh economic situation during the last Christmas.

Over 59,349 Nigerians made it to the cinemas to watch a total of 17 movies that were on display at the cinema in different states.

This data is obtained from the CEAN weekly box office information published on its website which covers only December 23 to 25 of 2022.


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The mind-bugling question however is could this feat be repeated in the year 2023, where the economy has plunged further down, and the inflation rate is biting harder in the face of food insecurity and a devalued naira.

Most Nigerians are feeling the effect of the petrol subsidy removal that was announced by President Bola Tinubu the day he took over as president.

Since then, things have moved from bad to worse for most Nigerians who live just on a 30,000 Naira minimum wage.

Last year, Funke Akindele’s Battle On Bukka Street and Black Panther were some of the movies watched at the cinema.


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