A video of some Nigerians gathered at the Ikoyi, Lagos State, residence of President Bola Tinubu to beg for Christmas has gotten tongues wagging.

A video shared by BussinessDay captured many people sitting and standing in front of Tinubu’s residence.


Reactions As Nigerians Storm Tinubu’s Home For Christmas

This comes amidst the economic hardship and the high cost of food items during this yuletide.


What Nigerians Have To Say

@unclekingsley wrote: “Lagos Island beggers, area boys, APC boys at Tinubu’s house in search of crumbs for Christmas.
Of course, they are Nigerians but it’s best we qualify them based on their relationship with him.”

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@faiththanzaki wrote: “Lagosians not Nigerians. Weaponising poverty”

@superlupe wrote: “more funds should be made available to local governments,if that is done these people will have no business going to beg for food or money at the presidents gate.”

@thestageinta wrote: “This is a tradition dating over 15years. All festive periods whether it’s Christian or Muslim. You will find them there”

@drmile247 wrote: “Reason they will always ensure poverty stays, they enjoy when the poor worship them”


The Wrong Vote

@rosythrone wrote: “Nigeria is gradually becoming Somalia where the street will be crowded with beggers still hoping for the govt.”

@vibewithobi wrote: “They prefer to beg for food than vote for the right leader. See where voting wrongly has landed them. Next election, vote wrongly and continue begging for food!”


@amarashuga wrote: “This man is clearly richer than both dangote and otedola combined,this is unexplainable wealth”

@lekan wrote: “The only difference between Nigerians leaders and many Nigerians is the timing and opportunity! Trust me, Nigerian leaders is a reflection of the followers!”


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