Finding love or a reliable partner in a city like Lagos may be quite a task, especially if you are someone who works five to six days a week.

love in lagos

The hustle and bustle of Lagos city life could make socialising a bit challenging.


However, there are places around you where you can easily find love without knowing it.


If you are looking at landing yourself a good-looking partner, attending wedding ceremonies should be one of the items on your to-do list.

Wedding ceremonies are usually held on weekends, especially Saturdays.

Just make sure you dress well and smell nice. You can easily walk up to; sit beside; or even share a dance with anyone that catches your fancy.

Weddings are also a good place to network and pitch your business as an entrepreneur.


A good place to meet the potential love of your life could be a fast-food restaurant.

As a woman, there are higher chances of meeting a cool guy here, as men mostly go out to buy food, unlike women.



With the rise in men and women trying to achieve banging bodies, it is now becoming popular to see people going to work out at the gym.

The gym is where you will find attractive young men and women, especially on weekends.

Religious Gatherings

If you are in search of a spouse, you should consider going to church or mosque frequently, depending on your faith or belief.

As a Christian who wants to get a spouse of the same faith, you should attend midweek and Sunday services, gospel concerts, carols, and so on.

As a Muslim faithful, you can go to pray frequently in mosques and attend Asalatu/Nasfat Friday services.

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Although people have reservations, there are other places you can find love.

Even though it sometimes comes with downsides, people have found love in the workplace and on the streets.

Despite the points shared above, it is imperative to know that love is not an event and can happen anywhere, as long as you open your heart to it.

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