Homosexuality is a product of Ogbanje – Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie

Nigeria’s veteran actor, Pete Edochie, popularly known as ‘Okonkwo’ shared his thoughts on homosexuality which according to him is caused by what he described as “ogbanje”.

The 73 years old actor, in a video that was shared on Twitter, said that, when an ogbanje child who is fond of a friend of same gender dies and reincarnates in a different gender, they tend to get attracted to people of same gender in their previous lives.

“When a child is born and looks sickly, he or she is suspected to be an ‘Ogbanje’(spirit child) and a mark is put on the child’s hand.

“The child eventually dies and then if the child comes back to the world, the spirit of a different gender might still be inside of him,” he said

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