It’s another season of celebration for Muslims, as Eid-el-Kabir popularly known as Sallah is just around the corner.


This season always comes with excitement and anticipation, as Muslim faithful celebrate Eid with goats, rams, and even cows, with plenty of food to eat and share.


The celebration spreads to workers, who often get a two-day national holiday.

Holidays like these are periods where you should take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Even if you are not a Muslim, There are activities and places you can go to have fun this season.

Visit Muslim Friends

If you are not a Muslim, it could be a good time for you to visit that Muslim friend, colleague, neighbour or relatives you have.


There will surely be lots to eat and drink.


This is a good time to relax. You can take your friends for a movie day at the cinema.

Also, you could go all by yourself if you want a me-moment. 


If you are a spiritual Christian, many retreat programmes are organised during this period.


You might want to locate one close by and attend. 

It is always a good thing to engage in such spiritual exercises.



This could be a good time to visit the beach if you have been looking forward to it.

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If you don’t like crowd, not to worry, the beach won’t be as crowded as it is during Christmas, New Year’s, or other festive periods.


Tourists attractions like waterfalls or resort centers could be a place to visit this holiday to enjoy serenity and calmness of the mind.

This Sallah, you can also visit other places that will help you relax well and ease stress in your body.


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