As Nigeria strives to meet its growing energy demands, the Transmission Company of Nigeria has taken delivery of seven state-of-the-art power transformers.

A move that will play a crucial role in improving the country’s power distribution network.


The Federal Government announced the reception of the seven state-of-the-art power transformers at the Akangba 330/132kV transmission substation.


These transformers, with capacity ranging from 60 to 100 megavolt-amperes, are integral components of the TCN/World Bank Project.

A project was initiated in 2017 as part of the Nigeria Electricity Transmission Project (NETAP).


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With an estimated cost of $3.630 million, the project aims to alleviate persistent power supply challenges across Nigeria.

The announcement was made by the spokesperson for the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Ndidi Mbah.

According to the government, it is a significant step in the ongoing TCN/World Bank Power projects.


Installation Locations

According to TCN, the beneficiary substations set to receive these transformers include Alausa, Akoka, Itire, and Amuwo, all located in Lagos State.

The strategic distribution plan involves allocating one transformer to each of the Alausa 132/33kV Transmission Substation, and Akoka 132/33kV Transmission Substation.


Also, the Maryland 132/33kV Transmission Substation, Itire 132/33kV Transmission Substation, and Amuwo 132/33kV Transmission Substation would get one each.

However, the Akoko 132/33kV Substation and Amuwo 132/33kV Substation stand out, as they are slated to receive two transformers each.

Power Supply Set To Improve

This underscores the significance of bolstering the electricity supply in these specific regions.

When installed, these transformers will substantially augment the transmission capacity.

According to the TNC, it will herald a positive trajectory in addressing the longstanding power supply challenges facing Nigeria.

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The NETAP projects reflect a commitment to sustainable development and the improvement of essential services.

This development marks a commendable stride towards achieving a more robust and reliable power infrastructure.

The transformative impact of these new transformers aligns with the broader national goal of fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for citizens.



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