A festive season like Christmas and New Year is a time that people look forward to in anticipation of having a good time with family, friends and loved ones. Sadly, people in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, may not be having same feeling. 

Already, you could say this Christmas may not be as rosy as other ones because of the cash crunch being experienced.


But you will agree with me that one factor that can take away the fun from Christmas is power outage.

These Three States Will Experience Power Outage For Six Days. Electricity bill


If you merge the expensive price of foodstuff with the fact that cash is not easily accessible this season, you will realise that this Christmas may not be fun to all.

But if you think that is bad, well, then, just imagine celebrating Christmas without power supply.


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Imagine how all the salad, meat other things will easily go bad when the refrigerator is not working due to lack of power supply.

To lighten up the Christmas tree will be impossible and singing Christmas songs will become an arduous task.

That’s how important adequate power supply is during a festive season as this one.


Surely, the fun will be seriously down; on the low.

You may not understand if you have been experiencing constant power supply in your area in the last three to four days.


But those who have been challenged by power outage in Lagos will tell you their story of how they lost perishable goods stored in their fridge.

My Pot Of Soup

Especially those living around Isolo/ Jakande Estate/Ikotun and its environs.

Below was how an affected Lagosian reacted.

In a chat with resident around this axis, Mr Olakunrin, lamented how he had to cough out extra cash to buy fuel for pumping water.

For him the experience has not been palatable at all.

Explaining further, he said once he turns on the generator, chargers start to show up from different angles.

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The situation is affecting those working remotely and petty traders alike.

There’s nowhere to get a cold drink because to buy fuel for those on low budget is serious challenge.

Lagosians are hoping that this power outage situation will not persist beyond Friday December 22, so that it will not make their Christmas an unpalatable one.

It is happening even when the President is in the state.


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