Planning a wedding now can be overwhelmingly expensive, all thanks to the rapid and steady increase in prices of goods and services.

Many Nigerians who had started plans on settling down are now postponing their weddings because to them, ‘it is not a good time’.


Well, if you are one of such persons, then all you need is to think outside the box.

Why Hard Times Are Good Times To Plan Weddings
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You see, contrary to popular opinion, these hard times may just be the perfect time to plan your wedding.


Wondering how?

Relax, every information that you need to open your mind to this whole new possibility is contained in this article.


It is tricky, but not difficult, it’s just because you never thought of it.

Nigerian Weddings

In Nigerian weddings, the burden of spending money does not only fall on the intending couples, guests who are expected at the event also have a certain kind of expenses hanging on them.

Planning a wedding is expensive, agreed, but so is attending the wedding itself.

As a guest, one begins to bother about the uniform which he or she is expected to buy, sew, and wear.


After that, you begin to worry about the gift you will get for the couples.

The huge cost of transportation to the venue may be discouraging, not to mention the money you may want to spray on the couple when they take on the dance floor.


If you are planning a wedding, then have this at the back of your mind. If you can save cost, then you are also saving your guests from spending. And who wouldn’t love that.

You’ll agree with us that the amount of money people spend on weddings is largely dependent on the number of guests they are expecting.

If this is true, that means, if you cut down on the number of guests, then you have automatically cut cost.


The best thing to do is to invite close family members and friends.

By so doing, you can imagine how much you would have saved. From feeding, water, drinks, chairs, and venue for that crowd.

Those who did not get your invitation will not be angry. You know why?

You have saved them from spending the money which is now very difficult to come by.

Everyone knows the situation of the country, so put your mind at rest.

By the time they consider how much they would have spent in attending your wedding, they will gladly give you a call to congratulate you.

This is the best way you can use the situation in the country to your advantage and save your money.

Truly, knowledge is power.

You do not need to cancel or postpone your wedding, all you need is thoughtful budgeting, careful selection of essentials, and prioritising what truly matters to you and your partner.

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