Indeed, it is a trying time for Nigerians and in this kind of period, one does not need to be told to cut down on their spending.

As a matter of fact, Nigerians are already adjusting.


The increase in prices of commodities is affecting everyone.

Businesses are shutting down, as many are no longer able to procure goods for sale. 


How To Plan Your Wedding In This Hard Times

Truly, this hardship is forcing people to postpone whatever plans or project they had going.


Some people who having been striving hard to become landlords are left with no choice other than to postpone their projects.

Those who are planning their weddings are not left out.

Wedding Plans

The cost of planning a wedding now is triple of whatever it was, no matter how small.

Well, as usual, we are here to save you the stress and money.


If you are planning your wedding or you had thought of postponing it, then free your mind.

You see, planning a moderate wedding in Nigeria, where big, lavish ceremonies are often the norm, requires thoughtful budgeting, careful selection of essentials, and prioritising what truly matters to you and your partner.


At these times, you do not need to kill yourself or break the bank.

Here, we have a detailed guide to help you plan a memorable yet pocket-friendly wedding in Nigeria:

Set A Realistic Budget

The first step is to determine how much you have to spend on your wedding.

Consider your finances and decide on a budget that won’t put you in debt. This will guide all your decisions, from the venue to the guest list.

Create A Guest List

Having a huge guest list is common in Nigerian weddings, but it significantly increases costs.

Make your wedding more intimate by inviting only close family and friends.

This not only cuts down costs but also makes your special day more meaningful.

People will always talk, even though you invite even more persons.

Interestingly, everyone will understand at this time.

Choosing A Venue 

Also, opt for a modest venue or consider locations that hold sentimental values.

Venues such as a family home, which can significantly reduce costs.

Community halls, outdoor gardens, or beachfronts can also be more affordable and offer beautiful settings for your ceremony.

Plan Your Wedding Outfits

Instead of custom-made outfits, consider renting your wedding attire or buying ready-made ones.

There are beautiful, budget-friendly wedding dresses and traditional outfits that won’t break the bank.

Remember that it makes no sense to spend huge on a cloth you will wear just once in a lifetime.

Item Seven

You may have heard of the term ‘item seven’.

A good number of guests that turn up in most weddings go there for the food. In fact, many do not even know the intending couple.

Food is a central part of Nigerian weddings.

To cut costs, choose local dishes that are easier to prepare and can feed a lot of people at a lower cost.

Consider hiring a local caterer rather than big catering companies. Buffet setups can also reduce the amount of food needed.

Limit Professional Services

While professional photographers, videographers, and decorators are important, look for up-and-coming professionals who offer reasonable packages.

Alternatively, you might have talented friends who can offer their services as a wedding gift.

DIY Decor And Invitations

Get creative with decorations by exploring DIY options.

Utilise local flowers and materials for a personalised touch.

For invitations, digital invites are becoming more acceptable and can save you money on printing and postage.


Instead of hiring a popular band or DJ, consider smaller local bands or even a playlist that you can manage through a sound system.

This can significantly reduce your entertainment costs.


Transportation can be a major expense, especially if you have to transport guests from far distances.

Try to choose a venue that’s centrally located to minimise transportation needs.

For bridal and family transport, consider renting cars for the day instead of luxury vehicles.

Picking A Date

Having your wedding on days that are not in high demand, such as weekdays or during off-peak months, can save you a lot on venue costs.

Venues are often willing to negotiate prices during these times.

Planning a moderate wedding in Nigeria is entirely possible with careful planning and prioritisation.

Remember, the essence of your wedding day is the celebration of love between you and your partner, not a show of wealth.

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It is not time to show how much you spend, when you get into the institution of marriage, then, you can show your spending power by taking good care of your wife and children.

By focusing on what truly matters and being creative with your choices, you can have a beautiful and memorable day that suits your budget.

May God bless your union.


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