Video : Sunny Big Man (2020) (Parts 1 – 6)

Sunny Big Man (2020)

The poverty they say is the worst form of violence. It is like a punishment for a crime you did not commit. In life, everybody wants to make it, but unexplained wealth is hare to celebrate. Sunny (Zubby Micheal) is a graduate with a first-class result who ended up doing all sorts of menial jobs in other to earn a living as well as being insulted by people because of his lack of money and a good job. Now he has vowed to make it, either by book, hook or crook. Watch as events unfold.

  • STARRING: Zubby Micheal, Ngozi Ezeonu, Frank Tana, Egwim Nnedinma, Chidi Chijioke, Anedu Jennifer. 
  • PRODUCED BY: Divine Nonso Chijioke
  • DIRECTED BY: Chidi Chijioke
  • COMPANY: All Stars Movies Production.
  • YEAR: 2020


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