Video : Price of My Past (2020) (Parts 1- 4)

Price of My Past (2020)

It is better not to make a promise than to make an unfulfilled promise for it can cause more harm than good. Nkechinyere (Ebere Okaro) went to the great Amuma Mmiri for a fruit of the womb. Two children were granted to her with a promise that one will grace her existence on the surface of the earth while the other will serve as a mediator between mortals and the great Amuma Mmiri. Now it is time for the promise to be fulfilled. Watch as events unfold in this great and wonderful movie.



STARRING: Ebere Okaro, Nosa Rex, Ola Daniels, Phil Daniels, Frank Tana

PRODUCED BY: Saraphina Amaechi

DIRECTOR: Ilochi Olisaemeka

COMPANY: Youngmaster Studioz

YEAR: 2020.



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