Movie: Beautiful Royal Maiden (2020) (Parts 1 – 10)

Beautiful Royal Maiden (2020)

It is indeed a second world war in the palace of King David (David Osagie) as his two sons, prince Chima (Frederick Leonard) and prince Afam (Onny Michael) are at loggerhead as to who will be the future king. Now a task has been given to them by their father the king. A task that one of them must fulfill in order to become king. A task that will make or mar their quest of becoming the future king. The dice have been cast, there is war in paradise. Who will be the last man standing? Watch as events unfold in this groundbreaking royal masterpiece.

  • STARRING: Frederick Leonard, Luchy Donald, Onny Michael, Quincy Onwuka, Augustine Iloh, Praise Sam Ogan, Desmond Walter,  David Osagie, Ngozi Evuka, Frank Tana, Amaka Offor.
  • PRODUCED BY: Chukwuemeka Chiemerie
  • DIRECTED BY: Augustine Iloh
  • COMPANY: Demek Movies Ind. Ltd
  • YEAR: 2020




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