It is quite sad that students are not only assaulted by male teachers but even female teachers too.

Teacher sexually assaults student
Teacher sexually assaults student

An about-to-wed Wisconsin elementary school teacher has been arrested after allegedly assaulting an elementary school student sexually.


The teacher, Madison Bergman, aged 24, was arrested and faces one count of first-degree child sexual assault.

This was after a parent of a fifth grader reported her to River Crest Elementary School administrators and police.

On Wednesday, the child’s father handed over printed text messages between Bergman and the student.

In the messages, she allegedly told the child that she liked when the victim touched her and that she enjoyed ‘making out’ with them.


In a statement made to the staff and parents, the school expressed its concerns on the issue.

“Learning about a school staff member and alleged inappropriate conduct that breaches trust is deeply troubling for all of us.”

According to her Facebook, Bergman got engaged to her fiancé Ben in December and their wedding is set for July 27.

The child’s mother initially overheard the student and Bergman talking on the phone before she informed the child’s father, according to KARE 11.


During her interview with police, she told authorities that the victim’s mother allegedly gave her the student’s phone number after the family invited her to Afton Alps, a skiing resort, over winter break.

After her arrest, she was suspended from her teaching role.


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During her suspension, Bergmann is not allowed to have contact with Hudson School District students, parents, or staff.

She is also not permitted on district property and cannot attend any school activities.

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