The Enugu State House of Assembly has set up an ad-hoc committee dedicated to devising effective regulations for masquerade activities in the state.

You see, the state is going through a lot already and it cannot just seat by and watch masquerades add to its numerous problems.

Masquerade Activities Will Now Be Regulated In Enugu


The story that inspired this decision occurred during the week, A group of masquerades assaulted Ms. Blessing Ogbonna, a nurse, in Ihe-Owerre, Nsukka Local Government Area.

It was indeed a distressing incident.

Following the attack, seven masquerades were arrested.

The persons behind the mask have since been charged in a magistrate court in Nsukka for assault, extortion, and obstructing a federal road.

Brutal Attack

Ms. Ogbonna’s ordeal sparked widespread condemnation and has brought to light the dark aspects of masquerade activities in the region.

In fact, it echoes the troubling pattern of violence associated with masquerade events, which sometimes result in severe injuries or even fatalities.

It was revealed that the attack on the nurse was not only brutal but also resulted in her hospitalisation.


Now, a motion raised by Mr Malachy Onyechi, a member representing Nsukka West Constituency, during a session on Thursday, has prompted the formation of this committee.

Mr. Onyechi highlighted the urgent need to address the recurring issues of human rights abuses, threats to life, and property destruction attributed to masquerades in his constituency.

Rules Of Engagement

This newly formed committee is saddled with the responsibility of harmonising the practices and rules of engagement concerning masquerades.

This includes their participation in cultural exhibitions, entertainment, or commercial activities.

By so doing, all parties involved are sure that they are protected from abuse.

Mr. Onyechi emphasised that the motion sought to balance cultural preservation with public safety.

It is not intended as a witch-hunt against any individual or group, he told lawmakers.

The Conflict

That motion did not stand alone. It was supported by Mr. Pius Ezugwu.

Ezugwu represents Nsukka East Constituency.

He pointed out that masquerade activities had nearly sparked conflict between two communities in his area.

He underscored the need for clear regulations to prevent such potential conflicts and ensure that public safety is not compromised.

Change Is Constant 

The truth is, times have changed and humans are left with no choice but to change with it.

As it is often said, change is the only constant thing.

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Do you remember those days? We mean the good old days, when masquerades were dreaded and feared.

Tales of masquerades beating whoever crosses their path was very common and in fact, a normal way of life.

But in today’s society, such acts are no longer acceptable, people frown at it bitterly.

Really, it is an abuse of human rights.


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