You might have been wondering why the telecoms network service in Nigeria is very poor. In fact, you must have even gone as far as jumping from one service provider to the other just to satisfy your urge for a better service.

Sadly, they all failed to meet your expectation. 


Well, the Minister of Communications, Innovations and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani has opened up on the reason for the poor communication network in Nigeria.

Why Network Is Bad In Nigeria
Minister of Communications, Innovations and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani

The reason is that there is an open space for investment that people are not exploring.


In fact, the matter is all about money.

According to the minister, it will cost about $2bn to lay fibre optic cables across Nigeria.


Tijani gave the hint during an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme on Tuesday.

He also said that advanced technology, the Fifth-Generation (5G) network, exists in Nigeria.

Advanced Technology

He, however, said the infrastructure that supports the advanced technology had not spread.

Furthermore, the minister said that vandalism was another reason for the drop calls and poor telecommunication networks you experience.


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According to him, work is on to declare telecoms infrastructure as a critical national asset to prevent vandalism.


He said: “There are times that you experience bad connection that it is simply because an infrastructure has been destroyed somewhere.

The Memo

“So, one of the memos I have been working on as a minister is actually to declare telecommunication infrastructure as critical national infrastructure.

“This is because there are times people go vandalise a base station, steal some of the things there, go resell.

“Every time that is done, it gets in the way of quality of connections that people get.

“There are times people dig the ground and they end up breaking fibre optic cables – those fibre optic cables also contribute to the quality of services that you and me get”.


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