‘Shame On You’ Wizkid Replies Buhari’s Media Aide

Nigerian singer Wizkid has reacted to President Buhari’s Media Aide Lauretta Onochie for calling him a Dumb Kid.

The music star in a recent post called out President Buhari for not attending to pressing issues in the country rather than go on social media to wish Donald Trump and his wife a quick recovery from corona virus.

And there have been mixed reactions flying around as some people hailed the singer for lashing out at the president while other sees it as being disrespectful.

Among those who finds his words disrespectful is the media aide to the presidency Lauretta Onochie. She took to her Twitter page to respond to Wizkid’s post who called the president an old man. She described the singer as being insensitive and concluded that he is a Dumb Kid who needs to learn some respect.

She wrote:” Its not disrespectful to call anyone old. Its the way and manner Ayo Balogun addressed the President that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. He exhibited crass ignorance, insensitivity, and childishness. But hey, he’s a #DumbkidNotWhizKid. When he grows up, he might learn respect.

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Wizkid reacted to her tweet and noted that a 77-year-old man is no longer a young man. Be finds it shameful that Lauretta who is a mother with children could make such a statement adding that people are being killed on a daily basis by the SARS officials and there after reminded her that he is also a father and age has nothing to do with demanding for better governance in the country.

He wrote: ” lol a 77 year old man is not young ma.. You are a woman and a mother and kids are getting killed by police/sars and this is all you have to say? shame on you!!! shame on you!! I am a father and age has nothing to do with demanding for a better governance in my country!!


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