A Keke driver who went out in search of his daily bread had a bitter experience this morning.

See Why Soldier Orders Keke Driver To Roll In Muddy Water

A middle-aged Keke driver “mistakenly” hit the arm of a soldier while driving in the rain.
According to eyewitnesses, the keke rider did not see the soldier standing by the road because of the tapolene cover he used on the two sides of his vehicle to protect his passengers from the rain.
The soldier, whose black van was parked by the road as it was being fixed by a vulcanizer, said the tricycle rider hit his arm while he was standing on the road.
Immediately after the driver noticed he hit him, he quickly parked and came down to beg the soldier.
However, the angry soldier ordered him to roll in the muddy water nearby as his punishment, while passengers and passersby pleaded on behalf of they driver.
The driver was later released to continue his journey after he had rolled in a pool of dirty rainwater.
This incident happened on Saturday morning, September 2, along Guniness bus stop, Ikeja Lagos.

Watch The Video Here


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