If someone had told Wisdom, the water seller, that his diligence would take him to stardom in a few days, he would have doubted it.

Acquafina Boy

Just recently, the video of a young man with the name Wisdom, aka Dr. H20 surfaced online.


Dr. H2O was selling Acquafina bottle water in a persuasive way with a good command of English.

In the video, he described the mineral composition of water.
He also highlighted its properties and advantages for the body in a manner not so common with water sellers.
Dr. H20 educated the commuters on how his product, bottle water, protects the spinal cord and gives the body more energy.
The passengers he was marketing the water to were so thrilled with his prowess.
Wisdom’s marketing skills blew them away so much that, they couldn’t help but buy all the bottles of water.
The video went viral with the inscription, “Acquafina, come and sign him”.
To the joy of everyone, this became a reality a few days later as Aquafina Nigeria found him and made him their ambassador.
Wisdom received a grand welcome into Lagos by Acquafina and was seen dining with celebrities like Kate Henshaw and Hilda Baci, among others.
Congratulations, Wisdom!
You have shown the world that there is dignity in hard work.

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