At a time when economic travails have encapsulated Nigeria, overshadowing the positive activities of the government to revive the economy. Everyone is looking for the silver lining, but the storm has continued to rage. 

See NCC's Plan To Achieve Digital Transformation Agenda


Data is life, Nigerians have been told, yet the cost of getting the network is not commensurate with the service.

As a result, the need to provide reliable broadband service has once again been brought to the fore by the new boss of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).


He has aligned the commission with the renewed hope mantra while identifying with digital economy vision.

The world we live in today is a digital one, where every single information you need can be found on the internet. But not everyone can click, and in a twinkle see ages open.


So, in a bid to keep up with the rest of the world, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has observed that building a robust broadband connectivity is the answer.

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The statement was made by the new Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the NCC, Dr Aminu Maida.

Digital Transformation Agenda

Maida pledged to deliver on President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda to advance the nation’s digital transformation agenda.


Addressing the management team in Abuja, Maida harped on the need to strategically focus on ensuring all Nigerians have access to affordable and reliable broadband services.

He lauded former chief executives of the commission for building a resilient telecoms industry.


The new NCC boss reeled out his goals to include: improving the quality of service and supporting the vision of the Federal Government.

Also, Maida also plans to work hand in gloves with the Ministry of Communications, Innovations and Digital Economy.

He was quoted saying that “considering the fact that many people are going more digital and virtual in everything they do, the telecoms infrastructure is now under much stress”.

Digital Transformation Will Lead e-Governance

It is also worthy of note that President Tinubu’s vision emphasises the need to build more robust broadband connectivity that will facilitate seamless digital transactions.

According to the NCC boss, this would serve as the bedrock for e-governance and other socio-economic initiatives.

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“As such, we would align with this aspiration to increase broadband penetration to 70%, and to cover 90% of the population by 2025.

“Efforts must be made to significantly improve service delivery by ensuring the NCC is performance-driven.”


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