The telecoms sector in Africa has blossomed majorly because of the huge population in Nigeria and their patronage in the area of telecoms that contributed to the growth of the sector.

Emerging reports have shown that Nigerian subscribers represent a whooping 82% of telecoms subscribers in the continent.

NCC Says Nigeria Has 82% Of Telecoms Subscribers In Africa
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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that the country accounts for 82% of telecom subscriptions in Africa.

The Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Professor Umar Danbatta, disclosed this at the Emerging Technology Forum for the Telecommunications Industry in Abuja.


He said Nigeria also accounts for 29% of the continent’s internet consumption.

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Nigeria is rated 11 in the world regarding internet penetration and seventh in mobile phone usage, Danbatta, said.

Nigeria’s Network Readiness Ranking Is Low

Despite these remarkable metrics, the country’s Network Readiness Index (NRI) is still very low.

According to him, Nigeria was ranked 109th out of 131 countries in 2022.

The NRI is a guiding metric that measures the role and impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


It explores the performances of 131 economies in four key categories: technology (infrastructure), governance, people, and impact.

According to him, the forum would be deliberating on the pillars of network readiness.


Danbatta, was represented at the event by NCC’s Director of Spectrum Administration, Engr. Abraham Oshadami.

“As agents of social and economic transformation in our nation, prioritising network readiness is not only a strategic necessity but a mandate.

“Throughout our deliberations, we will engage in thought-provoking forum discussions that explore the foundational pillars of NRI.

“This will be done through a number of presentations by renowned professionals in the technology landscape.

“As we convene today, the innovation symphony resonates with our common goals.

“The Emerging Technology Forum acts as a beacon, directing us towards the intersection of transformation and advancement.

“This forum is where we bridge the divide between aspiration and achievement.

“Through spirited dialogues, collaborative exchanges, and the exploration of emerging technologies.

“We move closer to our vision of a fully interconnected, telecommunications-driven Nigeria.”

The Head of New Media and Information Security at NCC, Dr. Chidi Diugwu, urged stakeholders to embrace insights offered by NRI to guide policies and investments.

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Diugwu said this would enable the nation to harness the potential of emerging technologies, in human capital, and foster innovation.

He believes it would lead to unlocking of new opportunities, bridge the digital divide, and create a prosperous and inclusive digital future for Nigeria.


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