Prepare for an exciting movie experience this weekend.

We have the ideal lineup that will excite your senses and take you to thrilling worlds beyond your wildest dreams.


Shooting Stars Movies

There’s something for everyone, from action-packed blockbusters to endearing comedies.

Buckle up for an incredible movie experience.

1. Shooting Stars

The inspiring origin story of a basketball superhero reveals how LeBron James and his childhood friends became the No. 1 high school team in the country, launching James’ breathtaking career as a four-time NBA Champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist and the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.


Starring: Mookie Cook, Caleb McLaughlin, Wood Harris

2. Prophet Suddenly 

The movie delves into the life of Michael, a man driven by the desire for success in modern-day ministry.

As he abandons his purpose and becomes influenced by his colleague Chucks’ lifestyle, Michael finds himself in a web of desperation.


Starring, The Winlos, Apostle Arome Osayi


3. Ride On 

Washed-up stuntman Luo can barely make ends meet, let alone take care of his beloved stunt horse, Red Hare.

Luo reluctantly seeks help from his estranged daughter and her lawyer boyfriend when notified the horse may be auctioned off to pay his debts.

Starring: Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, Wu Jing

4. You’re Killing Me

Eden attends a coveted heaven and hell party, hoping to get a letter of recommendation to an elite university, but she finds herself in a fight for her life.

Starring:  Anne Heche, McKaley Miller, Brice Anthony Heller

5. Allelujah

When the geriatric ward in a small Yorkshire hospital is threatened with closure, it fights back by galvanizing the local community.

The hospital invites a news crew to film the preparations for a concert honouring its most distinguished nurse.

Starring:  Bally Gill, David Bradley, Russel Tovey

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