The new petrol price regime could be a devastating time for many Nigerians. But one thing to do this weekend to watch some weekend movies and cushion the temper that is rising as a result of the kickoff of hardship

All you need to do is to dive into a world of captivating movies.


Black Demon Movies

Get ready for an exciting movie lineup that will transport you to different realms, stir your emotions, and leave you wanting more.

From thrilling adventures to heartwarming stories, these five interesting movies are the perfect choice for your weekend entertainment.

Grab your snacks, find a cozy spot, and let the movie magic begin. It will help you forget all of the troubles now.


1. Black Demon

Oilman Paul Sturges’ idyllic family vacation turns into a living nightmare when they encounter a gigantic megalodon shark that will stop at nothing to protect its territory.

Stranded and under constant attack, Paul and his family must somehow find a way to get back to shore alive before it strikes again.

Starring: Josh Lucas, Fernanda Urrejola, Julio Cesar Cedillo


2. Love Again

Coping with the loss of her fiance, Mira Ray sends a series of romantic texts to his old cellphone number, not realising it was reassigned to journalist Rob Burns.

Rob is captivated by the honesty of her words in the beautifully constructed texts.


When he’s assigned to write a profile of superstar Celine Dion, he enlists her help to figure out how to meet Mira in person and win her heart.

Starring: Priyanka Chopra, Celine Dion, Sam Heughan

3. Tin & Tina

Two orphans who are twins go to convent, where they receive a strict education.

Soon, a young couple adopts the twins, whose obsession with religion soon disrupts the family.

Starring: Jamie Lorente, Milena Smit, Anastasia Russo, Carlos G. Morollon

4. Hypnotic

Determined to find his missing daughter, Detective Danny Rourke finds himself spiraling down a rabbit hole while investigating a series of reality-bending crimes.

Aided by Diana Cruz, a gifted psychic, Rourke simultaneously pursues and is pursued by a lethal specter, the one man he believes holds the key to finding the girl.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Alice Braga, William Fichtner

5. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

With help from Princess Peach, Mario gets ready to square off against the all-powerful Bowser to stop his plans from conquering the world.

Starring: Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy

I hope these movie recommendations add an extra dose of enjoyment and excitement to your upcoming weekend.

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