It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and Mr Olumide, a secondary school teacher, was set to do something extraordinary for his girlfriend.

He has invited her over the previous day with the thought of giving her a special treat. Olu is a very intentional man, he had it all planned out.


Price Of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg In Nigeria

The lovebirds spent the night together. All through the night, Olu did not sleep, his eyes were fixed on the big old wall clock.


Deep down in his heart, he wished he could make the time faster.

Finally, it was morning and the lover boy dashed with speed into the kitchen.


It was time to execute his plan, ‘Breakfast In Bed’, a treat that wows virtually every lady,

Olu set on the cooking gas and dropped a pot on it.

As he progressed in the journey, he hailed himself with a broad smile, “I will show her what a great cook I am”, he thought to himself.

End Of the Road

Few minutes into the journey, Olu noticed something strange. The gas light was reducing.


“I hope its not what I’m thinking”, he said to himself.

He gazed at the gas for a few seconds as it gradually reduced till it faded out.


“What will I do”, he thought to himself. The last money he had left was one thousand Naira. “That should do”, he said.

The last time he refilled his gas the price was one thousand Naira per Kg.

He immediately pulled out the gas hook and off he went.

It was still early and only few vendors were open.

A Dead End

Olu was lucky, he spotted a gas vendor few kilometers away from his house.

“Oga, I wan fill gas”, he said to the vendor. “Na ₦1300 oooo”, the vendor replied.

You needed to have seen the shock on Olu’s face when he heard that reply.

You see, in Nigeria today, the prices of every goods have drastically increased.

The cost of refilling cooking gas in Nigeria has become a critical concern for households across the nation.

As of March 3, 2024, the average price for refilling cooking gas per kilogram stands at ₦1,300, marking a significance consideration for budgeting within Nigerian families.

Uniformed Price

The price of cooking gas remains relatively uniform across states, with minor variances sometimes as little as ₦50.

The versatility of cooking gas, now widely used not only for culinary purposes but also for powering generators, has led to a surge in demand.

The dynamics of cooking gas prices are subject to change, reflecting the fluidity of the gas sector in Nigeria.

This variability necessitates continual updates to provide consumers with the most current information on gas costs.

Cylinder Capacity and Pricing

The cost of refilling cooking gas varies depending on the cylinder capacity, with options ranging from 3kg to 50kg.

One of the most common sizes for households, the 12.5kg cylinder, exemplifies the challenges faced by consumers.

Refilling a 12.5kg cylinder now costs an average of ₦16,200, a price point that significantly impacts family budget.

The financial strain of these prices on Nigerian households cannot be overstated, especially in a country where a substantial segment of the population relies on cooking gas for daily meal preparation and, increasingly, for electricity generation.

Prices of refilling cooking gas for different sizes of cylinders:

1kg – ₦1,300
2kg – ₦2,600
3kg – ₦3,900

5kg – ₦6,500
6kg – ₦7,800
8kg – ₦10,000

9kg – ₦11,300
10kg – ₦13,000
12kg – ₦15,600

12.5kg – ₦16,250
25kg – ₦32,500
50kg – ₦65,000

A Good Lesson

You see, if Olumide had gotten hold of this information we just shared, he would have probably saved himself the embarrassment or debt, which he later resorted to.

This should serve as a good lesson to us.

In today’s Nigeria, prices of goods are not stable, sadly, it keeps rising.

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The only thing that has not increased is salaries.

If you are going to buy something you have not bought in a while, better go prepared, hold some extra cash, just in case.

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