With the rising hardship, Nigeria appears to be entering a time described in the Holy book, where there was extreme famine and extreme things began to happen.

Sadly, as the hardship in Nigeria continues to bite harder, Nigerians are now seeking new means of survival. Sadly, Many of these means are not legal.


The hunger, orchestrated by this economic hardship has pushed many Nigerians beyond their limits.

Port Harcourt Woman Arrested After Attempting To Sell 5-Year-Old Son In Market
Port Harcourt Woman Arrested After Attempting To Sell 5-Year-Old Son In Market

Some, who are not capable of engaging in illegal ventures to survive, now explore selling their belongings just to survive.


This is the story of Onyinye, a Port Harcourt based woman.

The Rivers State Police Command says it is investigating an alleged attempt by Onyinye to sell her five-year-old son in Port Harcourt.



On that fateful day, Onyinye took the boy to a popular market in Bishop Okoye Street in the Mile 3 axis of Port Harcourt.

However, she was confronted by some traders who later discovered her true intentions.

The lady, however, disclosed that she decided to sell her son due to hardship.

The traders doubted if the child was hers. As a result, they took the woman to the police station to report the matter.


That was how Onyiye ended up in police custody.

The Investigation

One of the traders who spoke under the condition of anonymity said: “The way I see the woman I don’t think she is normal because of how she was acting”.


The spokesperson for the state Police Command, Grace Iringe-Koko, was contacted.

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Grace confirmed the incident, saying the matter was being investigated.

She stated: “The woman was brought to the station by some persons who alleged she came to the market to sell her child.

“We are investigating the matter to ascertain the veracity of the eyewitness’ claims”.

Meanwhile, the woman is still with the police.


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