Pally Agro produces 5,000 face masks for customers, vulnerable Nigerians, others

Pally Agro produces 5,000 face masks for customers, vulnerable Nigerians, others

Pally Agro Group has produced 5,000 pieces of face masks for its customers, workers and vulnerable Nigerians to mitigate further spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chairman of the Group, Mr. Nwapali Onyeagu disclosed this during the unveiling of the customised face masks in the company’s headquarters in Ogun State.

Pally Group is a group of companies with diverse portfolio of products and services including Pally Agro Products Limited, Pally Foods, Crest Pharmaceuticals and Swift Drycleaners.

Mr. Onyeagu said the customised face masks designed and produced by the company was aimed at combating COVID-19 especially now that it has gotten to the community transmission phase.

He stated that it was the second intervention scheme of Pally Agro group on COVID-19, noting that the company had donated four trucks of eggs earlier to the Lagos State Government for health workers and COVID-19 patients during the first tranche of the intervention.

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“We put our team member experts together to produce the mask, we did not contract it out and the committee was headed by an expert who is also a member of the group. Let us leave the surgical masks for the healthcare workers who are frontliners, they need it in their fight against COVID-19.

“The customised face masks had two major designs and it was produced for people of different sizes for comfort. The comfort of the users is very important if they are to adhere to government rules on wearing face masks,” Onyeagu explained.

The chairman said the face masks were produced specifically for its customers, workers and other vulnerable Nigerians in the society.

“The face mask was designed in accordance with approved international standards, and it is reusable. We looked at all the logistics and ensured that it met the required standards. We have attached the instructions on how  it can be used.

“The Pally Agro treated cotton face mask was produced to meet International standards. The materials used are cotton, absorbent, cello filter, organ filter, liner, pearls among others,” he added.


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