Nigerian singer, Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as Asake, has incurred the wrath of Christians on social media for dressing like a priest in his new music video, ‘Only Me’.

Asake, who is believed to be a Muslim, his backup singers and dancers dressed like priests performing a mass in a catholic church for his new music video.

Only Me: Asake Clashes With Christians Over ‘Disrespectful’ New Music Video
Photos from Asake’s Only Me music video

Many Christians while reacting to the new video tagged it as ‘Disrespectful’.

A Painful Memory

Many would have allowed it pass but then they remembered how the Muslims attacked Davido after sharing a video of one of his signee, Logos Olori.


That day, our Muslim brothers roasted the living daylight out of Davido.

Theirs did not just end with the social media noice, they vowed to deal with the singer if he ever step foot in their base.


They also stormed the streets and burned down his posters.

Now, the day of reckoning has come and Christians have decided to pay back in the same manner.

This has now formed the basis for attack.

They have expressed disdain over Asake’s choice of props, stressing that his action was disrespectful to the Christian religion.

See some reactions below:

@buchsolomon wrote: “Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos.

Dramatizing giving the Eucharist, robed up in priestly regalia for a music video that has no connection with Christianity is disrespectful.
In his Bandana video, he depicts black goats troping into the church, with cloven tongues of fire above weird men.
Asake, I think, is a Muslim. Why doesn’t he go above and beyond to embarrass his Muslim faith in this same way?
Why do Christians even listen to these musicians who bluntly disrespect Christianity?”


@damilola069: “Christian religion looks like playing ground, you can do anything and go scot free.”

@BG_Liberty: “This video 2/10, who directed this? who accepted the idea?
What a disrespect to Christianity‍♂️. I wish you can try this with your own religion.”

More Reactions

@martins.turner: “Asake look at how you mocked the catholic religion, your battles is with God, Asake do the needful and delete this video.”

@peace_1963 wrote: “He’s Muslim n disrespects the Christian faith…I remember how Muslims attacked davido when he performed similar act….but ll look off this now… Muslim is not religion but a cult…that looks for trouble everywhere”

@fab wrote: “Asake’s real name is Ahmed which means he is a Muslim and I’m sure if He Had done the same projecting Islam,so many innocent souls would be down by now.
Islam a religion of blood not peace.
Thank God for Linda oooo I no fit talk this shit for Kaduna wey dey stay
(una think say I be mumu to give my correct address?Na Jihad for my head ASAP) I dey unknown location”


@anno wrote: “The bible is clear about these events happening right now.
So just know the devil is on rampage fighting and mocking God.
He knows his time is almost up hell awaits him and his followers i pray asake reconciles with God though”

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@karlo wrote: “Very very unacceptable in all sense what’s the meaning of this ?
That’s to say in Christianity any thing goes ? No this way too much”


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