Easter, mostly celebrated by Christians, is seen as a season of sharing and caring for families.

It involves a lot of eating, drinking and outing, but many families do not see themselves enjoying the season because of the hike in the prices of goods and services, which the weakened naira can no longer purchase.


Why Many Nigerian Homes Are Not Celebrating Easter

You see, this year’s Easter, sneaked in on Nigerians at a time when many find it very difficult to feed, talk more of involving in any form of celebration.


The atmosphere of this year’s Easter is quite unusual, unlike the bubbling and energetic celebration that accompanies it.

Trust us, if Nigerians have their way, they will postpone this year’s Easter.


Even President Tinubu understood the mood of the nation, a major reason he canceled every form of celebration on his birthday.

A Gloomy Easter

Gone are those days when people cooked delicious meals and share it with their neighbours in the compound, in fact, you may wait till eternity if that is what you are expecting.

Why is it so? Why is this year’s Easter looking gloomy for most Nigerian families?

Many cannot afford to celebrate the way they ought to.


More Nigerians have continued to lament the hike in commodity prices in the country despite the naira regaining its value.

Nigerians are hopeful that another Easter will come and by then, if things ever return to normal they would celebrate in a way they have never done before.


People in this category are vehemently praying to God for life.

Easter Prayers

This year’s Easter has featured more prayers than celebrations, to even say “happy Easter” is heavy in the mouth of many people.

This goes a long way to confirm that Nigerians are truly not happy, as reported on the International Day of Happiness.

On that day, Nigeria ranked 102 out of the 104 countries that was surveyed.

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This survey was not subjected to any doubt, well, if it was, then this year’s unusual Easter is enough to clear such doubts.


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