Nigerian Navy Reacts To Disappearance Of Comedian Cute Abiola

Comedian Cute Abiola Dumps Adeherself, Marries Another Lady  
Cute Abiola



The Nigerian Navy has spoken up regarding the trending news circulating on social media that comedian Cute Abiola is missing.

The military organisation took to social media to release a statement on November 17, 2021 concerning the whereabouts of the Instagram comedian.

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Recall that friends of Cute Abiola raised an alarm where they disclosed that the comedian is missing and his family members are presently disturbed about his whereabout.

Reacting to the news, a statement was released by the military organisation where it was stated that the comedian who is also it’s personnel was detained for disobeying it’s orders.

The Nigerian Navy however debunked the news which states that the comedian was missing while advising it’s personnel to obey the policies guiding the military organisation.

Part of the statement reads:

OSCOMP Abdulgafar is currently under custody of his unit for breaching the Armed Forces Social Media Policy and refusal to obey particular orders,”

Nigerian Navy Reacts To Disappearance Of Comedian Cute Abiola


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