News Now: WHO Warns Of Surge In COVID-19 Infections Due To Ramadan, Easter

WHO probing COVID-19 origins in Wuhan set to brief media

World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Ahmed al-Mandhari, has warned of a possible surge in coronavirus infections in the Middle East region during the Islamic month of Ramadan and the Easter holiday.

Some Christians will celebrate Easter this weekend. Others, such as Egypt’s Coptic Christians, will celebrate in May.

Ramadan, where observant Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk, is scheduled to start around mid-April.

Muslims usually celebrate by large social and religious gatherings, such as mass prayers, where mosques are traditionally packed.

Al-Mandhari warned that 14 countries in the region had reported a high increase in their daily coronavirus infections and related-deaths, such as Jordan and Iran.


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