Lockdown: One injured as residents jostle for relief pack in Lagos

*Relief packages have been hijacked, residents lament

Some of the unshared relief packs

There was serious panic in Otto Awori Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Lagos State on Friday, as residents jostle to collect relief pack at the council.

A yet-to-be-identified resident was said to have sustained head injuries during the clash.

iBrandTV gathered that the man head was broken while he was attempting to force the council gate open to enable residents get relief pack.

Trouble started, when the indigenes and irate youths got provoked by the action of the officials who stopped sharing the packs to those on the queue and started sharing to their cronies through the back door.

Provoked by their actions, the irate youths started stoning the officials and security agents which later resulted in the fallout; and the man head was broken. It took the intervention of the police who arrived on time to clam the situation.

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According to an eye witness, who simply wants to be addressed as Iya Ayomide, a mother of four, “I live around here, I heard the noise when I asked they said they were sharing food items at the council so I came here.

“When I got here we were asked to stand on a queue, and it was the local council Chairman that was giving the pack to the people, they gave only five people, and they stopped.

“We stayed under the sun waiting while vehicles were coming in and carrying packs. They were not giving anything to most of rather they were sharing it through the back door to people they know, and that was what led to the fight”.

When iBrandTV got to the council at about 11am, indigent residents and indigenes were waiting hopelessly under the sun, at the LCDA gate and council premises, while over 50 private vehicles owned by traditional rulers, local politicians, Imams in Ijanikin kept coming and leaving the council after loading their vehicles with relieve packs.
At exactly 2:35pm some of the officials used Era health centre ambulance bus to load the relief packs and drove away to unknown destinations.

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Mr Kolawole, explained that initially, we stood on the queue observing social distancing which they used to deceive us and snap photos.

While on the queue, the LCDA chairman came outside and gave to a few people. Those who collected were (two boys, one old woman and a little girl), they were the only ones on the queue attended to.

“All the others who collected got it via the back door. later the chairman and his officials went inside, so after about two hours of waiting unending under the sun, the people tried to force themselves inside the council.

“Meanwhile the officials were busy inside loading relief packs into their vehicles. A fully loaded danfo bus drove through the rear gate instead of the main entrance,” he added.

Lamenting one of the residents, Tobiloba Bukky, said the officials are sharing the packs to the people they know.

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“I have been here since 8am. They were sharing it for people who enter inside the council with their vehicles. The top people who already have enough, while we are left here. Where I live someone collected three bags because her boyfriend works here.”

Another resident, Kehinde Moji said: “When I got here this morning, the officials at the gate, asked me why I came, who invited me to the council?

“I told them I heard that they were sharing food items that was why I came. They said I should go but I stayed back and watched how they were sharing the packs to those they know. It is really unfortunate that you have to know an official to qualify for a relive pack.”

One of the local government officials who spoke to iBrandTV on the condition of anonymity stated that over 200 relief packs have been shared to the indigents people, especially youths.

“No matter how we do it, it won’t get to everyone. What we have given out is from Lagos State government. The local government chairman, on his own, bought Semovita which will be shared on a later date.”





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