Olowora suspect not connected to Coronavirus – Lagos Govt

The Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, has allayed the fears of residents in the Olowora area of the state, following the reports of a suspected case of coronavirus in the community.

Abayomi, said during a press briefing on the cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the state on Friday, that the case in Olowora turned out not to be related to coronavirus.

“The medical profile of patients with coronavirus is very wide as some infections are asymptomatic. You may be infected and have moderate disease.

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“In other words, you are feeling generally unwell, high fever, prolong fever, coughing; and then the severe cases where it affects the organs, particularly the lungs, you might experience difficulty breathing.”

This category of people, according to Abayomi, are those described as critical because they are prone to deteriorate without support.

He noted that others would be infected but would only have a mild disease such as fever, mild cough, and somebody pains.

The commissioner, therefore, asked residents to be proactive in dealing with coronavirus cases by calling for help in the early stage.

“Contact tracing that we are doing at the moment is changing every day because people are coming off the list and some people are coming on the list but as of the last count yesterday, we are contact tracing of 2,450,” he revealed.


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