From the looks of things, the saga of leaked s*x tape is not one that will end soon.

It is gradually becoming like that time when Hilda Baci enshrined her name in Guinness books. Everyone now has a tape waiting to be leaked. 


Are you one of such persons who find pleasure recording their sexual scenes? Trouble may be, is waiting for you. 

Lizzy Jay
Lizzy Jay

Nigerian actress and comedian Adeyela Adebola, popularly known as Lizzy Jay, has cried out about a blackmail attempt from an unknown person.


In a video she posted online, she revealed how she was called by a man to say he was in possession of her private video.

Lizzy Jay publicly dared the blackmailer to go ahead with his threats, as she wasn’t ready to negotiate with him.


The actress claims the video the blackmailer had was one she sent to her friend, who is a doctor.

Burning Sensation

According to her, she suffered a reaction in her genitals from some drugs she used when she was previously sick.

Lizzy Jay had a burning and itching sensation on her private part, which she communicated to the doctor on WhatsApp, who happened to be her friend.

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The doctor asked her to send a video of what it looked like for him to diagnose, and she did, even though she was shy initially.

She made the video, cropped out her face, and sent it to him.


However, the actress claims her Gmail account was hacked and the blackmailer has access to her videos.

Lizzy Jay said the unknown person has been calling to threaten her.

Lizzy Jay Dares Blackmailer

He even went as far as posting and tagging her in the video on Instagram, but deleted it afterwards.

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The Ibadan-born comedian said she was making the announcement public just in case the blackmailer fulfilled his threats.

Lizzy Jay made it known that she would not pay a dime to anyone; rather, she would use her last penny to fish out the blackmailer and bring him to book.

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