Dr Boniface Okolo, the Director of Public Health, Enugu State Ministry of Health, has warned Nigerians to ensure environmental hygiene to avoid being infected by Lassa Fever and other deadly diseases.

Okolo gave the advice against the recently reported case of Lassa Fever in Enugu in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu.


He said that ensuring a hygienic environment would reduce the number of rodents that cause Lassa Fever, as well as other deadly infections.

Okolo urged the public to fumigate their homes and make sure that the environment was kept clean.

He added that, “dirty environment will definitely attract rodents into residential areas which often results into harmful human health conditions.”

Okolo advised the people to avoid the consumption of contaminated foods, and to always cover foods and food items tightly, as well as wash their hands after every activity with soap and water.

Lassa Fever has claimed dozens of lives across Nigeria. Scores more have been infected.

In Ondo, official figures put number of recorded deaths at 16 in 3 weeks.


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