Kiddwaya talks about marriage

Kiddwaya bbn

Kiddwaya has said that he might get married before most of the Housemates.

He revealed this to Wathoni, Trickytee, and Bright O on Tuesday morning.

Advising Trickytee to get married, Kidd said he is giving him a six-month grace to walk his woman down the aisle.

However, when asked by Wathoni if he (Kidd) would ever get married he said, “I may even get married soon”.

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Going further, he said he would get married once he’s ready.

Kidd stated that he’s busy with other things for now and he knows women need attention.

“Right now I’m living my life, if I bring someone into my life right now I’m going to give up 50% of myself to her and girls need your attention,” said Kidd.


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