Kiddwaya: I know my ways around women, that’s why they love me


Kiddwaya on sex with Erica

The current Head of House, Kiddwaya, has said he knows his ways around women, which is why they love him.

He said this while clearing the air about the supposed sex between himself and Erica.

Though he didn’t confirm whether they had sex under the duvet or not, he simply said what they had wasn’t a sex tape.

Kiddwaya said if it was to be a sex tape, it would be in the open and not under the duvet.

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According to Kidd, viewers could only see movement under the duvet and cannot be sure of what happened.

“What we had under the duvet was not a sex tape. A sex tape would show both of us naked with no duvet. You can only see movements but don’t know what is happening under the duvet.

“I’m a nasty motherf**ker, I know my ways around girls, that’s why they love me,” Kiddwaya boasts.


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