(INTERVIEW) I Have Never Been Sexually Harassed By A Male Colleague- Jaiye Kuti

Popular Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuyi is a force to reckon with in the movie industry. The movie star who has refused to reveal her age to the media has finally disclosed that she will be celebrating her golden age in 2021which means she is 49 years of age. She has featured in various movies in the country as well as soap operas. In the interview with IBRANDTV, she disclosed how supportive her husband has been on her choosen career, she spoke about her choice of cars and why she goes for less expensive ones. In this interview, the actress disclosed some other interesting facts about herself. Excerpts:
 Your age remains undisclosed, despite that you aways look beautiful. What is the secret of your good looks?
I can only say a big thank you to God Almighty for how he has helped me to grow older gracefully. And for my age, I purposely did not put it up in a long time but I should be celebrating a golden age next year. I know I work a lot but I try to rest a lot too, so that’s the secret. Because when you work very hard, you have to create time to relax because if you don’t, stress can really make you age quickly and then you start to fall sick and that can trouble the way you look.
It takes a lot for a beautiful family woman such s you are to be in the movie industry which is very demanding. What sacrifice(s) have you made so far to get to this level?
I will say a big thank you to my mother that has always been there because when I initially started this job, I didn’t know it was going to be so tensed, time taking like this. I knew I will be on set for a week or two but sometimes it takes you in and out like a month or more just like when I was shooting “Borokini”. Borokini took like seven months, we have to go home only on weekends and sometimes, we might just be on set like forever. But my mum is at home taking care of the children and because I got the support of my husband initially even before I came into the industry. So when things prop up like that, I put it before him and he gives his approval. But I try to be home because I don’t work during the weekends, so from any location, I make sure I get home on saturday, stay with the family on saturday and sunday then return back to work early on Monday morning.
If you are given the chance, what things would you put in order in the movie sector?
Yes, I realized that many things have gone wrong in the industry. From people that are trooping in from nowhere, no registration, everybody is now a producer, everybody is now directing, everyone is turning into an actor. I think I will create a sector whereby there will be some orderly where registration will be very important then we will be able to put you through. We need to be orderly, that orderliness is really not in the movie world anymore. Everybody is just doing their own style, their own thing anyhow but with God, we pray everything will be organized the way we want it.
You are active, Full of life and fits perfectly into almost all roles you play in movies. What motivates your spirit?
Naturally I am a very cheerful person, right from when I was young and when you are cheerful, playful, you don’t keep anything in your mind. When I am troubled, I don’t let it get to me and I am somebody who loves being happy and full of life. There are times happiness does not set in, people will try to pull you down, people will be negative to you when they are supposed to be positive but all of that happens and I don’t let it weigh me down. I have a stature that can easily ass for a wife, a sister, a girlfriend and sometimes I have to play a role of someone who is not married yet, so I guess it’s my stature that had been helping. I know j am big but not too excessive and I have my father’s face, I look exactly like him. What motivates me on the job is the joy of wanting to do what you know how to do best. The joy of wanting to impact other people through what you do. It motivated me to talk to people, preach to people through what I do, it’s like a ministerial job. It gives me joy to go and do not it so that somebody out there can learn from it.
 Have you been sexually harrazed by a male colleague during the cause of your job?
That is a capital NO, I have never been sexually harrazed. I have never seen anyone who has been sexually harrazed, but I do hear people say that when I wanted to do this role, this person was asking me for sex but I don’t have that time to say I want to investigate it. But I have never been sexually harrazed.
Obviously actors are busy people, spending weeks, months in a location. How do you make it up for your family especially your husband. How do you pamper him on this special days?
My husband is part of t this, he loves what I do. He is a businessman, he’s always very busy, he travels a lot. Sometimes he is not in the country if not for covid that made him to stay permanently with us, most of the time he is out for business. Even at that, he understands the job perfectly. I want to thank God for giving me this kind of man who is in support of what I do because if your husband is not in support of this job that you do, it’s going to be very difficult to make it because how do you want to tell him if you want to leave the house for one week, two weeks, months to be on a location and he’s not thinking otherwise that probably you are with another man. It’s not as if my husband is not jealous, yes he is concerned but he understands the job.
Everyone is going on the weight loss journey, do you see yourself treading that path?
Well I am trying like everyday because when you are on the big side, you want to try and lose some weight because keeping weight is actually not heathy and I want to be healthy, that’s why I walk every morning like an hour. You just have to cut down your diet and exercise. If you are able to be regular with your exercise. You watch what you eat by eating right.
 You have a high taste for fashion, how big do you spend on clothes, jewelries as well as your car(s)?
I am not a car freak, if I want to buy a Prado today, I think I can afford it but you won’t see me going there. I want to have a car that I can easily maintain because we don’t have good roads and most of the places that we work, the roads are always bad and it doesn’t get better on those roads so so by the time I put a Prado or a Mercedes and then it keeps giving me problem and I’ll be spending more because these re very expensive vehicles to maintain so because of that I go for buses. I am talking about sienna buses, like what I use now is a Sienna 2008 model and I’m fine with it. It’s easy to maintain, the fuel consumption is very light and then, if I want to repair anything, it’s small money I use. You have to be contented especially in Nigeria, so as to maintain my cars, I don’t buy expensive cars. I love fashion, I am used to dressing well, looking good just like my dad. My mum is a born again Christian and I don’t spend much on clothings, if you get to my page you’ll see different tags because I model for some designers, they bring various outfits for me to help them model. So if I see something I like, I buy them, but most times I already have them from people who brings their for me to model same goes for jewelries. I don’t go all out for expensive things.
Do you have a crush among your male colleagues?
I admire my colleagues both male and female and I must confess I steal a lot from them. When the men are talking or walking, I try to steal some of their gifts and keep to myself because I know that it will be of use in my next location one way or the other. For instance, Aunty Sola Sobowale, the way she talks, I learn a lot from Mama Rainbow, Madam Share, Joke Silva and other older women in the industry, from the way they act and how they say it, how they bring their lines for others to understand it. I don’t have anyone that I am attracted to, if I am attached to you, it has to be the job only, I don’t have a crush, I have only k e friend that we are very close, her name is Bimbo Oshin, my bestie.


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