Calling all movie lovers! The long-awaited weekend is finally here, giving you the perfect time to unwind, have some fun, and indulge in watching movies.

They Cloned Tyronne Movies to watch this weekend


So, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of cinematic wonders as we bring you a handpicked selection of films to make your weekend truly enjoyable.

It’s time to sit back, relax, and catch up with some captivating stories that will take you on thrilling adventures, heartwarming journeys, and unforgettable experiences. 

Here are five movies you should watch this weekend.

1. They Cloned Tyrone

A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy lurking directly beneath their neighbourhood.


Starring: Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, Teyonah Parris

2. Resident Evil: Death Island

In San Francisco, Jill Valentine is dealing with a zombie outbreak and a new T-virus.

Leon Kennedy is on the trail of a kidnapped DARPA scientist; and Claire Redfield is investigating a monstrous fish that is killing whales in the bay.


Joined by Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, they discover the trail of clues from their separate cases all converge on the same location, Alcatraz Island, where a new evil has taken residence and awaits their arrival.

Starring: Matthew Mercer, Kevin Dorman, Erin Cahill


3. Zoey 102

Pacific Coast Academy alumni return to Malibu for an over-the-top wedding that turns into a high school reunion for the books.

Starring: Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Erin Sanders

4. Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken

Ruby Gillman, a sweet and awkward high school student, discovers she’s a direct descendant of the warrior kraken queens.

The kraken are sworn to protect the oceans of the world against the vain, power-hungry mermaids.

Destined to inherit the throne from her commanding grandmother, Ruby must use her newfound powers to protect those she loves most.

Starring: Lana Condor, Toni Collette, and Annie Murphy

5. Sun Moon

Kelsey is running from failure, heartbreak, and humiliation. In an attempt to understand God’s purpose for her life, she goes to Taiwan to teach English. Will her leap of faith pay off?

Starring: Mackenzie Mauzy, Justin Chien, and Michael Huang

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