It seems the days of juicy inside scoops from celebrity singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido aka O.B.O., are nearing an end.

Before now, the music star was known for posting content about his family, business, friends, skits, and other kinds of content on his page, but after the demise of his son, Ifeanyi, he went on an online break, deleting all his Instagram posts and leaving one of him and his wife only.

Shortly after, he resumed his online presence by announcing the release of his new album, Timeless,” which has been topping the music charts within a short time of its release.


In an interview, he talked about the new plan for his social media pages.

Davido said: “I’m very big on tech since I was in school since the time of Myspace. Apart from being a musician, I know how to use social media, even though it gets you into so much trouble sometimes.

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“My social media is strictly for business now. I don’t want to be posting personal stuff anymore”.

Davido says he tells a lot of artists to maximise their social media pages and followers for profitability.

He emphasised that social media had its good and bad sides.

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