The prices of goods and commodities in Nigeria is almost choking Nigerians to death. The price of everything in the country is steadily increasing leaving many people with heavy burdens.

Families across Nigeria are feeling the heat, those who have newborn babies deserve a special kind of pity with the soaring costs of baby diapers.

See How Much Baby Diapers Cost In Nigeria

You see, the inflation has continued to exert financial pressure on households in Nigeria.

The spike in prices has particularly affected popular diaper brands like Pampers, Huggies, Kisskids, Softcare, Molfix, and Molped.


Pampers is the most expensive, while Softcare is the most affordable.

Search For Solution

In the face of escalating costs, many Nigerian parents now seek cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.


They are now turning to washable and reusable diapers.

These diapers are gaining traction due to their long-term savings and reduced environmental impact.

One thing is sure, these diapers are not cheap.

In fact, currently, the price for a dozen of washable and reusable diapers hovers around ₦5,000.


The premium quality versions sells for ₦15,000.

The shift in consumer preference is not just about economics but also health and environmental concerns.


Market Analysis

Organic diapers, made from natural fibers, are pricier than synthetic alternatives

However, they are favoured by those seeking sustainable and chemical-free options for their infants.

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Market analysis reveals a broad spectrum of prices for disposable diapers, reflecting variations in brand, size, and quantity.

For example, a carton pack of Huggies averages ₦5,000, Softcare at ₦8,500, and Kisskids at ₦10,000. Molfix diapers exhibit a price range of ₦1,500 to ₦3,500, indicating the diverse options available to consumers.


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