Fani-Kayode reveals what the South should do for liberation

It is ironic that the same Isaac Boro that led the Federal forces against Biafra and that fought to keep Nigeria one was himself executed by the Nigeria that he loved so dearly.

Ken Saro Wiwa, the celebrated poet who was also from the Niger Delta, suffered the same fate.

There is no southern leader in our history that fought for the unity of Nigeria that did not end up regretting it and paying a heavy price for it in the end.

This is food for thought for all those misguided souls that fail to appreciate the importance of southern unity and that have opted to be useful idiots and accursed slaves to the north.

The strength of the core north is it’s unity of purpose. This is not only a veritable political tool and conscious invocation of a powerful spiritual principle but it is also expedient, prudent and wise.

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That unity of purpose has served them well and kept them safe, sound and firmly in power for the last 60 years.

Sadly the south appears to have learnt nothing from this and is wholeheartedly incapable of emulating or appreciating it.

The weakness of the south is its inability to appreciate the simple fact that there is power in unity and that the lack of it leads to nothing but defeat, destruction, servitude, shame, humiliation and slavery.

Worse still Northerners hardly relish or rejoice at the failure, misfortunes and sufferings of their fellow northerners but sadly southerners condemn, gloat and celebrate when their fellow southerner suffers any form of misfortune or falls.

Simply put Northerners are their own best friends whilst southerners are their own worse enemies.

What a tragedy!


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