Barely two months after Patience Patra came online to talk about what transpired between her ex-husband, Peter Idehen, and herself, the husband has come out to share his side of the story. 

Patience Patra And Peter Idehen
Patience Patra And Peter Idehen

The young CEO who was in charge of the formerly well-known Face of Beauty Nigeria brand accused her estranged husband and his family of stealing everything from her and leaving her and their kids behind and empty.

Patra claimed in the video that her spouse and herself were still students of the University of Benin when they got married.


Even though she was still a student, her beauty brand was bringing in a sizable sum of money.


According to her, she became the breadwinner of the family with great satisfaction because her spouse was just an ordinary student who wasn’t earning any money.

She stated that they started dating in 2017.

The young woman further claimed they got married in 2018 while they were still in school. Afterwards, they welcomed two children in quick succession.

Patience said trouble started last year when she bought a car in her name which got her ex-husband irritated.

She said she noticed her ex-husband’s countenance changed and so did his actions towards her.

She said her ex-husband then advised her to sell off her new car, so she did and put the money into running their home.


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Later, they were in need of cash again and as an understanding wife, she had to sell the house she was building.

Patience Accuses Her Partner’s Family

She said it turned out that it was her ex-husband’s aunt that bought the house.

According to her, Peter, at some point, told her he wanted to go for a course, and needed about a million Naira.

Furthermore, she claimed it was the last money she had, but she also gave it to him.

Patra said after he left for the course, he sent her a message that he was not coming back and he had already clocked out of the marriage since 2019. They were just one year into their marriage.

She added that he also abandoned their two kids, and she had to beg to feed them.

But in a video he released online, Peter denied abandoning Patra and their kids.

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According to him, he travelled to go and hustle and that he always checked on Patra and the kids and that she consistently said everything was okay with them.

“I have never and will never be interested in your money. I have my pride, I am a Bini man,” he added.

Nothing much was said about her other claims.

Also, he did not deny taking money from her for a course.

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