Many couples have revealed how they saw the red flags during their days of courtship but ignored them.

The signs they ignored came back to haunt them, and they wished they had worked on them or left the relationship in its early stage.



It is sad that the crisis in many marriages today could have been avoided if only both parties paid attention and addressed the red flags before walking down the aisle.

For some, they were lucky to work on it and reach a compromise they could both manage to live by.

For others, the situation got really bad and, in extreme cases, even led to the death of both or a partner.


If you are in a relationship or are planning to get into one in the near future, these may be pointers to red flags you should look out for:


Abuse doesn’t only happen in physical form. It could be emotional, financial, and so on.

If the person you are in a relationship with keeps making you feel worse than you have ever felt, either through words or actions, this is a sign that you are dealing with an abusive partner.

You can address this situation by respectfully communicating how you feel to your partner.


If you notice no remorse or change after some time, you need to make a decision on what you want to do next.

Constant Lies

A partner who keeps lying to you while you are dating will do even more in marriage.


If they are not straight-forward, they cannot be trusted, and a person you cannot trust may be dangerous to your well-being.

A lying partner has the potential to be a cheat and an abuser in marriage, as lying in itself is a form of disrespect to anyone you “love”.

Overly Possessive / Insecurity

There are people who want to totally control their partner’s life because of their insecurities.

For example, a man who wants to always know where his partner is and the people she talks to or hangs out with.

Some even go as far as deciding what kind of calls, jobs their partner accepts, the clothes they wear, and so on.

While some may see this as showing affection to the extreme, it may also be a result of low self-esteem or past trauma.

However, if you notice this, it shouldn’t be swept under the carpet, as this alone may prevent you from fulfilling your potential as you ought.

Red Flags Are Visible

One mistake many make is to think that their partner will change after marriage.

Research has shown that people don’t change in marriage; rather, they become even more of who they were in their courtship period.

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Whatever you know you will not be able to bear in marriage should not be overlooked while you are dating.

Red flags are most often visible if you are patient and look well. Don’t ignore them!

How To Identify Red Flags In Your Relationship


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