As the yuletide season approaches, there will be lots of merry-making as the smell of Christmas fills the air.

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People will take a break from work and travel from across the globe and country to visit their family and loved ones.

For those in search of love, this could also be a time to pitch their tent, as people also travel down home with the aim of finding life partners to settle down with.


However, as a single lady looking to find a life partner, you should take caution on whom to get committed to, as there will be men coming around with different intentions all in the name of “love.”

Women are highly emotional beings, and as such, they should be careful when picking a partner. Some of the men you shouldn’t get involved with this season are:



Celebrities live a life of glamour and showbiz; they are always hopping from shows to shows, events to events, and so much more.

Except for a few highly disciplined ones who create a balance between work and personal life, they rarely have time for a committed relationship.

Christmas Fraudsters

There is a group of guys who travel back into the country to defraud ladies but mask their acts behind “love.”

Sometimes, they make you fall head over heels in love with them, then ask for your hard-earned naira, saying the foreign currency they have is yet to be changed to local currency and need to make urgent transactions with the promise to pay back.


Most times, these guys run out of the country, leaving unsuspecting ladies neck-deep in debt.

I Just Got Back Guys (IJGB)

This christmas, there are guys who will travel back into the country after a long period of time.


While it is true that sometimes they come back home to find love or life partners.

However, some of them flaunt their status to all who care to hear it, with the aim of having ladies flock around them.

As a lady, it is important to be very careful before accepting their proposal, as you don’t know if they are married, a deportee, or even a criminal.

Lack Of Commitment

If you notice that the guy you’re about to get involved with is someone who can stay for days without talking to you or showing any other sign of commitment, it is a sign that you should run.

Well, except you are the type who is also okay with that kind of relationship, but if not, you should give it some thought.

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If your energy and investment, both in time and resources, are not matched with the other person’s, it could be a sign that the relationship isn’t going to last.

No Manual

Although there are no manuals for how these things work, one thing you should trust is your instincts.

Also, be open to having meaningful conversations with the man you’re getting involved with; this way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your next course of action.

How To Identify Red Flags In Your Relationship


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