Social media sensation, Bobrisky, faces the possibility of losing followers on his accounts following a recent sentencing of six months.

Bobrisky Faces Potential Drop In Followers On Social Media


Bobrisky has a large following on Instagram and other social media, sharing his lifestyle and fashion updates.

However, legal troubles have now clouded his online presence, potentially leading to a decline in his fan base.

Fans and followers of Bobrisky expressed mixed reactions to the news, with some showing support and others expressing disappointment.

The social media star’s posts have often sparked debates and discussions, with his bold and unapologetic personality drawing both praise and criticism.


However, recent sentencing casts doubt on his online image, sparking speculation on his following.

While some loyal supporters stand by, others reconsider the legal developments.

It remains to be seen how the sentencing will affect his online presence and the dynamics of his social media following in the coming months.

It’s unclear who will manage his social media pages.


Also, the situation is made more precarious with him being private on some platforms.

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