In the ongoing Big Brother Naija All Stars reality TV show, Adekunle has been named the first Head of House (HoH) after Monday’s arena games, as announced by Biggie.

Adekunle Hoh BBNaija All Stars

As the Head of House, Adekunle enjoys immunity from eviction this week, securing his position in Biggie’s house for another week.


It is not surprising, that Adekunle emerged HoH. He is one of the persons with a fresh experience from anything BBNaija.

He was one of the finalists in last year’s Big Brother Naija.

Along with his HoH title, he had the privilege of selecting four BFFs (friends for the week). Making his choice, he picked Cross, Seyi, Frodd, and Soma.

As BFFs, these individuals have unrestricted access to the HoH lounge, bedroom, and gym, and they can choose to sleep there if they wish.

However, the provisions in the HoH area are exclusively shared among the BFFs and cannot be shared with other housemates.

Mercy’s Victory

Similarly, Mercy achieved a significant milestone by winning a mysterious black envelope during a hide-and-seek game in the ongoing TV reality show.

As a result of this victory, she gained immunity from potential nominations for eviction in the current week.


All 20 housemates residing in the BBNaija All-Stars House were tasked with searching for two black envelopes.

Basically, these envelopes had been discreetly hidden within the house.

Within a few minutes into the game, Mercy Eke successfully discovered the first envelope. It was concealed under the rug in the sitting room.

Furthermore, Frodd discovered another envelope behind the Head of House chair.

However, Seyi insisted that he had found the same envelope before Frodd.

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